The Importance of Having an Outdoor Faucet

Jun 15, 2023 | Plumbing

An outdoor faucet, also known as a hose bib or spigot, is an essential component of any home. It provides easy access to water for gardening, lawn care, and washing cars or outdoor furniture.

However, it’s also an essential tool that you may not think much about until you don’t have one. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of having an outdoor faucet, why it’s a crucial part of your home’s infrastructure, and how it can make your life easier.

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Convenience and Accessibility

An outdoor faucet provides a convenient source of water for your outdoor needs. It’s much easier to water plants, wash muddy bikes and equipment, and hose down outdoor furniture or dirty dogs without having to carry buckets or dragging a long garden hose all the way through your house.

With an outdoor faucet, you have easy access to water without the hassle of having to drag equipment around your property.

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Prevents Plumbing Damage

An outdoor faucet also serves as a vital protective barrier for your indoor plumbing. When you use an outdoor faucet, you’re directing excess water flow away from your home’s pipes and into the outdoors.

If the water hoses aren’t disconnected or the tap isn’t turned off, outdoor faucets can prevent unnecessary hydrostatic pressure buildup, which can cause pipes to burst and lead to plumbing emergencies and costly repairs.

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Emergency Water Source

It’s essential to have an outdoor faucet as an emergency water source in case of natural disasters or power outages. If your indoor plumbing isn’t working or your home’s water supply is compromised, you can use your outdoor faucet to access water for drinking and sanitation purposes.

This is especially vital if you live in an area prone to severe weather conditions or natural disasters.

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Increases Home Value

An outdoor faucet is a small but significant feature that can increase the value of your home. A potential homeowner would appreciate having an outdoor faucet for their outdoor maintenance or gardening needs, especially in areas that have water restrictions or stress environmentally friendly living.

A functioning outdoor faucet also shows that a home has been well-maintained, boosting its overall value.

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Prevents Freezing Pipes

Installing an outdoor faucet with a shutoff valve can protect your pipes from freezing and bursting during freezing temperatures in the winter months. When you shut off the valve, you cut off the water flow, which can prevent freezing and expanding in low temperatures.

This will save you the time, money, and hassle of dealing with a burst pipe later on. The shut off valve needs to be in the off position during cold temperatures and before the first freeze to prevent damage to your pipes.

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Get to Know Different Types of Outdoor Faucets and Their Benefits

Outdoor faucets are an essential part of any garden or backyard. They are used for various purposes such as watering plants, cleaning cars, washing pets, and many more. There are different types of outdoor faucets, each with its own unique benefits.

Sill Cock Faucets

Sill Cock, also known as Hose Bibs, is the most common type of outdoor faucet. The Sill Cock faucets are directly attached to your home’s water supply line and provide a threaded spout to attach a garden hose.

They are easy to install and operate and can be found in almost any hardware store. The benefits of Sill Cock faucets include reliable water delivery, customizable flow control, and removable handles for easy replacement.

Ball Valve Faucets

Ball Valve Faucets are another type of outdoor faucet that is popular for its ease of operation and maintenance. They are equipped with a ball valve that controls the water flow, making them leak-proof and durable.

These faucets are commonly used as utility valves for various outdoor plumbing applications, such as irrigation systems and outdoor showers. The benefits of Ball Valve faucets include better control over water pressure and flow, quick shut-off, and detachment.

Frost-Free Faucets

As the name suggests, Frost-Free Faucets are designed to prevent winter damage or freezing. They are installed with a long stem that goes deep into the wall, thereby isolating the valve from freezing temperatures.

These faucets come in handy if you live in an area that experiences extreme cold weather, as they prevent water from freezing in the pipes. The benefits of Frost-Free faucets include year-round usage, low maintenance, and enhanced safety features.

Yard Hydrant Faucets

Yard Hydrant Faucets are the perfect choice if you are looking for a type of outdoor faucet that is not attached to your home’s waterline. They are usually installed underground and are designed to provide water to remote locations such as livestock corrals, gardens, and parks.

Yard Hydrants feature a plunger at the base, which allows water to flow when pressed, and the water is delivered through the spout. The benefits of Yard Hydrants include convenient location, low maintenance, and an abundance of water supply.

Push-Pull Faucets

Push-Pull Faucets are another type of outdoor faucet that is easy to install and maintain. They feature a simple mechanism that controls water flow and pressure, and they are perfect for basic gardening tasks.

With a push-pull mechanism, the user can easily turn on and off the water supply without much effort. The benefits of Push-Pull faucets include low cost, low maintenance, and ease of use.

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Ways You Will Use an Outdoor Faucet

An outdoor faucet, also known as a hose bib, is an essential fixture in any yard or garden. From watering your plants to washing your car, an outdoor faucet can make your life a lot easier.

Watering Your Plants

This is perhaps the most obvious use for an outdoor faucet. With the use of a garden hose, you can water your plants, flowers, and trees with ease.

Whether you have a small garden or a large yard, an outdoor faucet can help supply water to your plants for proper growth and maintenance.

Cleaning Outdoor Furniture

Another way to use an outdoor faucet is to clean your outdoor furniture. With the help of a garden hose and a brush, you can easily remove any dirt, dust, or debris from your furniture set.

Water Playtime

An outdoor faucet can be used for water playtime. This is a great way to cool off during hot summer days. You can set up a slip and slide or a sprinkler and let your kids and pets have some fun in the sun.

Garden Hose Connection

The most common use of an outdoor faucet is to connect a garden hose. Garden hoses allow you to water your plants, clean outdoor furniture, and wash your car, driveway, or patio.

With adjustable nozzle settings, you can change the flow rate of water to suit the task you are doing. Make sure to get a hose that has a good length, strength, and flexibility for your needs.

Sprinkler System

If you have a large garden or lawn, you may want to install a sprinkler system. A sprinkler system can be connected to your outdoor faucet and spread water evenly over a large area.

You can set a timer for the sprinkler to turn on and off, ensuring that your plants get the right amount of water. Sprinkler systems are more efficient than using a hose and can save you time and money in the long run.

Pressure Washer

Another useful tool you can connect to your outdoor faucet is a pressure washer. Pressure washers use high-pressure water to remove dirt, grime, and other materials from surfaces such as decks, patios, and outdoor furniture.

They are also useful for cleaning your car and garage floor. Make sure to choose a pressure washer that matches your needs, as some models are more powerful than others.

Washing Pets

You can also use an outdoor faucet to wash your pets. Most dogs and cats do not like being in the bathtub, and washing them outside can be more pleasant for both you and your pet.

Connect a hose to the faucet and attach a dog shower head for an easy and convenient way to keep your furry friends clean.

Outdoor Drinking Fountain

You can use an outdoor faucet to install an outdoor drinking fountain. This is especially useful if you spend a lot of time outside during the hotter months.

Install a water filtration system and connect it to your outdoor faucet, and you can enjoy clean and refreshing drinking water whenever you need it.

Cleaning Your Car

Another way you will use an outdoor faucet is by using it to clean your car. A garden hose attached to an outdoor faucet can make washing your car a breeze.

By having access to water outside, you can avoid dragging a heavy bucket of water outside and back in while also preventing puddles or other dirty water messes in your garage or driveway.

Filling Your Pool

If you have a backyard pool, an outdoor faucet can be extremely helpful in filling it up.

Instead of having to fill your pool with buckets of water, you can easily attach a garden hose to the faucet and control the flow of water until your pool is filled to your liking.

Providing Water for Animals

If you have pets or keep backyard animals, an outdoor faucet can make it easy to provide them with water.

You can install a small water fountain or bowl near the outdoor faucet for your animals, saving you the hassle of carrying water to and from the indoor faucets.

Washing Your Home’s Exterior

Lastly, an outdoor faucet can be used to wash the exterior of your home. This is particularly helpful when you need to remove mildew, dirt, or spider webs from the exterior of your home.

With the help of a garden hose and the right cleaning solution, you can restore the appearance of your home’s exterior without the need for special equipment or costly professional services.

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How to Maintain an Outdoor Faucet: Easy Tips and Tricks

An outdoor faucet is an essential part of any household, especially if you have a garden or lawn that needs regular watering. However, just like any other plumbing fixture, an outdoor faucet also requires maintenance from time to time to keep it in good working condition.

By following some simple tips and tricks, you can ensure that your outdoor faucet lasts for a long time and functions smoothly.

Inspect the Faucet

The first step towards maintaining your outdoor faucet is to inspect it thoroughly. Check for any leaks, cracks, or signs of wear and tear. If you find any issues, fix them immediately. Most of the time, leaks can be fixed by tightening loose connections or replacing a faulty washer.

However, if the damage is severe, you may need to replace the entire faucet. A leaky outdoor faucet can cause damage to the exterior wall and make your water bill go up!

Protect it from Freezing

During cold weather, outdoor faucets are at a higher risk of freezing, which can cause cracks or leaks. To prevent this, you can install frost proof faucets, an insulated faucet cover, or use a faucet sock.

These covers are readily available at hardware stores and are easy to install. Also, make sure to drain the water from the faucet before the colder climates set in to avoid any water damage.

Clean the Faucet

Regular cleaning is crucial for keeping most outdoor faucets in good condition. Use a mild detergent and warm water to clean the faucet and remove any dirt or debris.

Also, make sure to clean the spout and the aerator to remove any mineral buildup.

Lubricate the Faucet

Lubrication is essential to prevent corrosion and ensure the smooth functioning of the outdoor water faucet.

Apply a few drops of silicone or plumber’s grease on the stem of the faucet. This will prevent the stem from corroding and make it easier to turn the handle.

Schedule a Professional Maintenance Checkup

It is a good idea to schedule a professional maintenance checkup for your outdoor faucet at least once a year. A professional plumber can inspect the hose bibb thoroughly and make any necessary repairs or replacements.

This will ensure that your outdoor spigot functions efficiently and lasts for a long time.

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Do You Need A Professional Plumber?

Faucets are like the veins of a house, supplying it with water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and bathing. If they run dry or develop leaks, it can put daily life on hold and cause serious property damage.

That’s why it’s important to keep your faucets in tip-top shape, including those outside your home. Outdoor faucets are exposed to the elements and prone to rust, clogs, and cracks, which can compromise the water quality and pressure. If you don’t have the time, tools, or know-how to tackle faucet maintenance on your own, don’t worry – MD Sewer and Plumbing has got you covered.

Our team of highly skilled and licensed plumbers can inspect your outdoor faucets, identify any issues, and provide swift and cost-effective solutions. We pride ourselves on delivering quality workmanship, exceptional customer service, and transparent pricing. So, if you want peace of mind and reliable faucet performance, give us a call today.

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Having a functioning outdoor faucet is vital for every homeowner. It’s convenient, protects indoor plumbing, and serves as an emergency water source. The presence of an outdoor faucet can also increase the value of your home, showing that it has been well-maintained.

Overall, an outdoor faucet is a small but crucial part of your home’s infrastructure that you shouldn’t overlook or take for granted.

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